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Reduce Fuel Costs with Diesel Water Emulsion




Engineered for
the Long Haul


"The X2O fuel system's potential is to be a disruptive technology. The impressive 20% fuel savings has the potential to revolutionize the way we look at diesels in the transportation and electric power generation globally."
~ David Kasul,
Ph.D. Engineering

"Saving $800 to $1200 per truck monthly would be a windfall to my fleet business. Additionally, a 12-month return on investment makes this an easy investment decision for me and easy to recommend to my truck purchasing clients."
~ Dave Silwanowicz,
Fleet Owner.

"I drove my CAT powered Peterbuilt 1.3 million miles and always had to carry extra filters because it was so sensitive to water. After conversion to the X2O fuel optimizer, there was no noticeable difference in horsepower or torque and no more problems with water."
~ Skip Perna,
40-year-veteran driver.

First Time Ever, Onboard Mini Diesel Water Emulsion (dwe) Refinery

The X2O DWE system ultra-refines diesel and bio-diesel blends for up to 20% savings while in the diesel-water emulsion mode or up to10% fuel savings while in the processed mode.* It also reduces emissions and enhances performance.

Get the X2O DWE system advantages

  • Fuel Savings up to 20%
  • Reduced emissions
  • Unrivaled ROI
  • Enhanced performance
  • Built for the Long Haul

Fuel savings up to 20% or $0.120 per mile.

Third-party independent testing confirms 17.3% fuel savings on the X2O system DWE mode while using 20% water. 500,000 miles of real-world testing shows 20% actual diesel fuel savings.

Reduced emissions.

The X2O dramatically reduces emissions in older fleet vehicles and contributes to corporate sustainability goals and objectives. DWE burns cleaner and more efficiently with low temperature combustion (LTC). LTC reduces an engine’s EGR, oil and coolant temperatures. Reductions in particulate matter (PM) up to 80% and nitrogen oxides (NOx) up to 55% have been documented.

ROI in 12 months.

Most individual long-haul drivers average over 110,000 miles driving per year and get approximately 6 mpg.

With the average price projected for diesel fuel at $3.78 per gallon in 2015, 20% savings represents $13,860 annual savings for the average owner-operator. That's $1,155 monthly fuel savings on average per truck. The X2O pays for itself from day one!

Enhanced performance.

The X2O DWE system ultra-refines fuel, keeping your engine clear of free water, carbon and coke deposits. Independent testing shows significant reductions in soot and wear metals found in oil.

Engineered for the Long Haul.

The X2O DWE system is engineered and manufactured with only DOT-approved components and exceeds OEM standards to ensure continuous uptime. Innovative design increases your revenue mile after mile.

FFS is dedicated to improving the competiveness of fleet owners' and owner-operators' pre-2011 trucks while improving emissions and performance. Learn more about how the X2O can turn your older trucks into big profits with a fuel optimization system that works.

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*Savings are dependent on which mode that drivers use after conversion, fuel costs, application, and engine model.