Rugged & Road-Tested — Tried & True

Over 750,000 miles of monitored road miles over 7 years.

The X-1 fuel optimizer has proven to be virtually maintenance free with trouble-free operation for many years.

Proper use of the X-1 onboard fuel optimizer has demonstrated consistent savings of up to 20% or more! No other single product provides such an impressive mileage improvement along with significantly enhanced performance, lower maintenance costs, reduced emissions, and the convenience of diesel fuel.

Replaced by the new improved K9000

The X-1 has its own interim tank for on-demand processing, which makes its overall size impractical for many installations. The K9000 is much smaller and simpler. It directly processes and optimizes all the fuel in your tanks for peak efficiency.

Fierce Fuel systems use the power of cavitation to re-refine and homogenize your fuel, to include emulsification of entrained and free water. Click here to learn more about how these processes “do their magic.”

FFS systems are easy to understand, easy to install, and easy to operate. They require no driver interaction. Just “set and forget” and watch your savings grow.


Get onboard with a better driving experience: improved performance and up to 20% fuel savings.

With the average cost of new big rigs pushing $150,000, and the average cost of old trucks under $30,000, upgrade your well-running older rigs for big profits.

No other alternative fuel solution delivers this much benefit for all class 8 and smaller trucks at such a low cost, keeping the convenience and reliability of diesel.

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