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"Wolfgang Bernhard, head of Daimler Trucks, was asked about his favorite alternative fuel. 'My favorite alternative fuel is diesel, because I don't see any replacement for diesel, not even in the long run.' "

"Most experts agree that diesel will still be the fuel of choice for most of trucking for a long, long time to come."

"Diesel fuel provides more power and more fuel efficiency than alternatives such as gasoline, compressed natural gas, or liquefied natural gas."

~ Deborah Lockridge, Editor In Chief, Heavy Duty Trucking, Alternative Fuels, September 2014

FFS has reinvented diesel with its Onboard Optimizing Refineries. Real-world tests confirm significant performance enhancements and UP TO 20% savings.*

Finally a fuel efficiency solution that has truckers excited to fill up their tanks!

With increasing costs of doing business, fluctuating fuel prices, and tightening emissions regulations, truck owners are looking for smart ways to reduce costs with no loss of performance. FFS’s systems are meeting that need head on!

Who is FFS?

Fierce Fuel Systems Inc. is dedicated to revolutionizing the transportation sector through technologies that improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

We are a group of scientists, engineers, manufacturing and trucking experts, committed to improving your bottom line by reducing operating costs, using our patented processes and engineered solutions.

Fierce Fuel Systems manufactures precision engineered systems that use our patented, proprietary processes to improve mileage and engine performance, and reduce emissions.

The Problem With Diesel?

There’s an unspoken problem today with the quality of diesel that’s available for your vehicles. The moment it leaves the refinery it rapidly degrades in multiple ways:

  • The refinery adds synthetic lubricants to today’s ULSD to make up for lost lubricity from the desulfurization process, making ULSD hygroscopic (attracts water like a magnet).
  • This water (from the atmosphere and/or tank condensation) forms macro clusters of entrained water and separates as free water as temperature drops. It also promotes microbial growth which in turn generates acids and contributes particulates which clog filters and create sludge.
  • Cold weather problems such as gelling, large paraffin crystals, and long cold weather settling cause wax dropout.
  • On a chemical level, diesel degrades over time through complex chemical changes known as oxidation, polymerization, and peroxidation.
The Fierce Fuel Solution

FFS systems operate like an onboard mini-refinery, optimizing and re-refining the fuel through homogenization by our patented Cavitation/Vaporization process. We pulverize the organic materials that cause Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) and microscopically emulsify all entrained water and additives, through fluid shearing, consistently providing improved fuel quality, regardless of age, chemical degradation, water concentration, or feed stock quality. This process:

  • manages the water so it no longer hinders, but actually enhances combustion;
  • eliminates and destroys accumulated contaminants;
  • reverses the degrading chemical processes and re-activates the main chemical reactions.

As a result your trucks get better mileage, with more power, and run smoother, cooler, and cleaner.


Video clip of FFS’s Bubble Implosion Reactor processing diesel by cavitation ("billions of bubbles") as seen thru special clear Lexan housing.

What consistently better combustion does for your engine

FFS’s optimized and homogenized fuel ensures an identical fuel mixture in all cylinders, resulting in an even burn and less noise and vibration. The tiny disbursed water droplets create an emulsion, resulting in a more complete burn with more power and torque and lower emissions.

FFS uses a patented process to homogenize diesel and biodiesel blend fuels, resulting in an even burn and less noise and vibration.

The atomized water droplets create an emulsion, resulting in a more complete burn with more power and torque and lower emissions.

*Savings depend on how the vehicle is driven after conversion, application, and engine model and condition.

Fierce Fuel Systems is dedicated to putting your hard earned $ in your bank, not in your tank.

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