Get onboard with a better driving experience: improved performance and up to 20% fuel savings.

With the average cost of new trucks pushing $150,000, and the average cost of old trucks under $30,000, upgrade your well-running older rigs for big profits.

No other alternative fuel solution delivers this much benefit for all class 8 trucks at such a low cost, keeping the convenience and reliability of diesel.

FFS Onboard Optimizing Mini-Refinery Features

Performance Enhancements

  • Ultra-refines diesel and biodiesel blends
  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Improves progressive shifting at lower RPMs, with less downshifting on all grades
  • Engine runs quieter, smoother, and stronger
  • Lowers engine operating temperatures, with less fan clutch engagement
  • Emulsifies chemical additives, paraffin, and entrained and free water, providing a superior fuel that burns more evenly and completely
  • Reduces strain on HPCR systems—reducing injector clogging with a cleaner fuel
  • Cleans engine while driving
  • No modification to diesel engine required—easily connects to fuel lines and 12VDC
  • Installs quickly with basic mechanical skills
  • Risk-free 2-year warranty and 60-day, money-back guarantee

Economic Benefits

  • Over 750,000 miles of real world testing confirms up to 20% savings
  • Often pays for itself in 8-12 months
  • Financing options available for immediate positive cash flow
  • Increases your fleet's competitiveness
  • Easily transfers to your next vehicle for continued payback
  • Engineered for the long haul: built to DOT and Class 8 OEM standards
  • Virtually maintenance free; minimal staff retraining

Environmental Advantages

  • Meet corporate sustainability goals and objectives with reduced emissions
  • Enhanced combustion reduces soot and particulates, resulting in fewer regen cycles
  • Dyno test certified up to 14.23% reduction in NOx emissions

Performance Enhancements


There is no room for error when adopting new trucking technology. Downtime can wreak havoc for a small fleet or independent owner-operator, including increased costs, loss of productivity and income, and damage to reputation as a result of freight delays.

Fierce Fuel Systems has gone through several years of R&D, independent testing, and over 750,000 miles of real world testing to ensure our systems work flawlessly.

Start Enjoying a Better Driving Experience

Drivers will immediately notice a quieter, smoother running engine, with more power and torque. Comments we have heard: “I set my radio a notch lower” and “I drive in the Rockies and climb grades a gear higher.”

Improved progressive shifting at lower RPMs becomes routine.

Drivers will notice lower coolant, oil, and exhaust temperatures. Less fan clutch engagement is very common.

Drivers will notice a cleaner engine. The first oil change will be rather nasty, as years of deposits are scrubbed from the engine, but longer intervals between oil changes is the result.

Because of a more even and complete combustion, cleaner oil and less engine wear & tear means your engine should last longer.

Drivers dedicated to safety and mileage improvement will notice their mileage readout is a mpg or more higher than normal, the equivalent of up to 20% fuel savings.

Dynamometer testing confirms all of this, showing increased HP, torque, smoother ramp ups, and lower operating temps with less cylinder to cylinder variation. Reports are available supporting any and all claims. Please feel free to ask for information.

Engineered for the Long Haul

FFS fuel optimizers have been designed for easy installation, long equipment life, and are virtually maintenance free. Systems are easily installed on Class 8 trucks, buses, RVs, and smaller trucks with basic mechanical skills in about two hours. They are engineered to DOT and Class 8 OEM standards and are 100% made in the USA. FFS rugged designs and quality manufacturing standards ensure trouble-free operation for many years.

FFS systems require no engine or electronic control module (ECM) retrofit. They leave the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engine untouched, and easily connect to fuel tanks or fuel lines and 12VDC. The system can be transferred to your next vehicle for ongoing payback. Optimized fuel will clean your engine internally while you drive—increasing engine life and oil change intervals. Purchase of an FFS fuel optimizer includes a two-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee.

FFS systems use the power of cavitation to re-refine and homogenize your fuel, to include emulsifying entrained and free water. Click here to learn more about how these processes “do their magic.”

FFS systems are easy to understand, easy to install, and easy to operate, requiring no driver interaction. Just “set and forget” and watch your savings grow.

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Economic Benefits

Fuel savings of up to 20%

Proper use of an FFS onboard fuel optimizer will achieve consistent savings of up to 20%! No other single product provides such an impressive mileage improvement along with significantly enhanced performance, reduced emissions, and the convenience of diesel fuel.

No other fuel efficiency system delivers a lifetime of savings with this much performance and peace of mind


There are many aftermarket retrofit designs currently being sold as fuel saving devices. Some have negligible or possibly harmful effects on fuel efficiency.

Other fuel savings technologies, such as power for idle reduction, improved aerodynamics, automatic tire inflation, single wide-base tires, and lighter-weight components produce minor incremental improvements that can take years to pay for themselves.

FFS system savings are the direct result of consistently delivering better fuel to your engine, resulting in more even and complete combustion. As a result, less fuel in consumed to do the same task. It’s just that simple!


  • Older trucks remain competitive longer
  • Less risk of HPCR pump failure
  • Climb grades faster when needed/desired
  • Better driving experience–less driver turnover
  • Oil and oil and fuel filters remain serviceable longer
  • Reduced injector clogging
  • Less downtime from faulty EGR or DPF cleaning
  • Cleaner oil = less wear & tear = longer engine life
  • Fewer regen cycles and less DEF fluid consumed
  • Eliminate algaecide and additive use

FFS's fuel efficiency solutions deliver impressive savings from the day of installation

Unrivaled ROI

FFS fuel optimizers offer unparalleled return on investment (ROI). While ROI is often uncertain when adopting a new trucking technology, FFS systems have been designed and priced to achieve positive cash flow from the first month of operation.

Based on national averages, the individual long-haul trucker can achieve full system payback in 8 to 12 months, depending on fuel prices, driver habits, and miles driven. After that, 100% of the savings goes directly to you every month!

Or, finance all your vehicles and see $100s of net savings each from the day of installation.

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Don't let financing be an obstacle when exploring your fleet's conversion. FFS has a number of national and regional lease and financing options available to support your cash flow and take-home pay objectives.

Up to 20% fuel savings offers independent owner-operators and fleets peace of mind and the profitable lifestyle you work hard for.

Environmental Advantages

Emissions Are Symptoms

Poor fuel causes less than optimal combustion, which leads in turn to emission of unburned particulates and greenhouse gasses. Emissions are symptoms; the underlying cause is incomplete combustion, which also robs you of performance and consumes more fuel.

The FFS mini-refinery delivers an optimized fuel to your engine, leading to more even and more complete combustion, restoring lost performance and consuming less fuel.

Testing shows FFS systems reduce particulate matter (soot) by up to 26% and NOx by up to 14.23% in all conditions except idle.

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Fierce Fuel Systems is dedicated to putting your hard earned $ in your bank, not in your tank.

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